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I’m sorry this has taken an unreasonably long time, but my slides from #SOTB2019 are finally up on my Notist profile. (I wanted to make sure the slides had a proper transcript—it’s a “tightened” version of what I said on the day.)

And trust me, it needed the tightening. Reading a verbatim transcript of myself speaking has made me hate myself and my gratuitous use of “so” and “the thing is…”

@notabene I used to do that! And “um”. I squashed them after having to edit myself on a number of podcasts. Still, you get rid of one sound and it leaves room for new ones!

@laura I'd venture to think it's got something to do with cognitive structures in our brains, giving us time to think on the fly, etc.

I'm very impressed by people who don't do that (eg Chris Heilmann or Jeremy Keith) – one day, one day! ;)