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Idée de scénario dystopique: le dérèglement climatique provoque une nouvelle ère glacière. Les furries, adaptés à ce nouveau climat, règnent sur le monde d'une pattounette de fer. twitter.com/PDChina/status/109


Et voilà que pour la Saint Valentin je vais travailler dans une librairie de rêve mais qui n'a a priori aucun titre répondant à une demande de petit cadeau circonstanciel (Après je peux toujours espérer leur vendre Renée de Chateaubriand mais ça risque d'être bizarre perçu)

The year is 2034. You're an astronaut on your way to Mars in a space ship when your ship receives a message from the dead Mars Rover: 'turn back, its not safe here. There's a---'
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To increase efficiency, God has uploaded the source code for Life, the universe and everything to GitHub. However, he forgot to set it as a private project and now people are auditing his code, filing bug reports and submitting patches. The kicker? Someone has been making mods.
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Reincarnation is real but doesn't adhere to linear timelines. You live in the middle ages and after an accident, you remember everything from your past life in 2019.
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Puis le long de la route, les amandiers et les mimosa en fleurs. Et, dans les coins abrités, les premiers iris.

You live in a world where rather than sleep every night, humans hibernate for 4 months every year. One week into hibernation, you wake up.
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Humans reach the stars, and advance faster than any space-faring race has before - an alien council interrogates a diplomat for answers, and he cheerfully hands them a slim tablet, with only the words 'Don't Panic' in a large, friendly font on its front.
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Mermaids are actually women who have been thrown off ships because they were considered bad luck. As they sink to the bottom, they slowly change until they can breathe under water and they can use their tied up legs to swim. They lure sailors to get their revenge.
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The princess heard the tell-tale sound of someone climbing the outside of the tower. She looked out of the window and saw a princess, silken dress tied up, scaling the wall.
"This tower is taken," she called out.
"I know it is," came the reply, "but are you?"
"Oh... No! I'm not!"
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It was a beautifully made sword, perfectly balanced, both nimble and strong. And it was cursed. It would always cut its wielder, taste their blood, before it could be sheathed or put away.
Unless you knew the secret.
Unless you knew to say "Thank you" to it.
Few warriors did.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories